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Shock Oil Volume Calculator

To estimate the amount of shock oil you need to fill your shocks, enter the shock body diameter, shock stroke length, and then click the calculate button.

Shock Body: Inches
Shock Stroke: Inches

Shock Oil Volume: Gallons*

*Result accounts for extra oil needed for reservoirs and some spillage.

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Shock Oil Volume Calculation Basics

When rebuilding a set of high performance shock absorbers, determining the amount of shock oil you need can be tricky because it is usually sold in gallons. This calculation finds the internal volume of a shock absorber in gallons to give you an estimate of how much shock oil you need to buy.

[ (Shock Body Size / 2)² x Pi x Shock Stroke Length Including Reservoir x 0.00433)] = [ (2.5/2)² x Pi x 16 x 0.00433 ] = [ 0.34 Gal. ]

Note: 0.00433 is used to convert the result to Gallons | 1 cubic inch = .00433 gallons.

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