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Wheel Backspacing and Offset Conversion Chart

Automotive wheels are advertised by their diameter, width, and then either offset or backspacing. Offset tells you how far away from center the wheel mounting surface is and backspacing is the distance from the wheel mounting surface to the inner edge of the wheel for clearance. Offset is typically used for racing applications where wheels and tires need to be positioned in a very specific place for proper performance. Trucks and some SUVs will focus more on backspacing to ensure proper fitment of larger wheels and tires and clearance of brake calipers and/or upper control arms.

(Learn more about wheel dimensions in our Wheel Dimensions Guide)

Offset measurements are NOT universal. Offset will change your backspacing measurement with different wheel widths. We've seen way too many cases where someone had purchased wheels with a particular offset because that is what they were recommended, however, when they go to mount the wheels they have rubbing issues because they ordered a different wheel width. When ordering wheels based on offset, make sure you match both the offset dimension and wheel width.

Backspacing, on the other hand, is universal. If you know what backspacing you need, any wheel width with that backspacing measurement will work (with the exception of some ultra-wide wheels). This is why, in most cases, we highly recommend focusing on backspacing instead of offset.

Ideally, you should be taking into consideration both the offset and backspacing when ordering wheels and, of course, make sure the wheel width is a proper match for your tires.

A chart listing wheel width on the side axis and wheel backspacing on the top axis

Convert backspacing to offset by finding your backspacing at the top (red) and matching that with your wheel width (blue) to find your offset (black).

Convert offset to backspacing by finding your wheel width (blue) and matching that to your wheel offset (black), then look up for your backspacing (red).

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