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Best Last Minute Gift Ideas for 2022

Below is our list of favorite, must have items for anyone that love cars, off-roading, rock crawling, overlanding, Jeeps, Trucks, SUVs, UTVs and side-by-sides. These are things we use and enjoy ourselves so we are confident any gear head would love to have them, too!

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Top 10 Automotive Gift Ideas for 2022

#1 Lock-On Air Chuck
We just discovered these amazing Lock-On Air Chucks recently and now we use them everywhere. Not only do they provide a strong, firm, connection they are super easy to attach and remove with one hand. They are perfect as tire inflation chucks, but also work great for pressure gauges, tire deflators for airing down before hitting the trail, and nitrogen fill kits for shock tuning.

#2 NOCO Boost Lithium Jump Starter Box
These NOCO Portable Lithium Jump Starter Boxes are another absolute game changer in the automotive world. We admit that we initially didn't beleive these boxes could actually perform as advertised, but after testing one to jump start a few of our trucks we were instantly sold and now we keep one in every vehicle we own. Very highly recommended!

#3 CTEK 12v Automatic Battery Charger
While we are on the subject of batteries, everyone needs a proper battery charger and maintainer like this CTEK 4.3 amp Battery Charger. These CTEK chargers do far more than keep your batteries topped off, they actually maintain your batteries for maximum life and even have a recondition mode that can save dead batteries (which we have seen for ourselves). This is why CTEK chargers come standard with all McLaren supercars.

#4 Step Drill Bit Set
No toolbox or recovery bag should be without a good set of Stepped Drill Bits. This set of four bits covers 50 drill sizes and beyond that, they drill large holes super quick due to their stepped design. We just about always have one of these mounted in our shop drills, very highly recommended.

#5 Trak-4 GPS Tracker
We have tried many GPS trackers over the years but these Trak-4 GPS Trackers are the best value by far. They work great, are available in 12 volt, rechargeable, and solar configuraitions and show their location on a web browser for easy access on any devide. Monthy subscription is required.

#6 Portable 12v Diesel Heater
Affordable diesel heaters like this Happybuy Portable Diesel Heater are relatively new to the industry but they are amazing for cold weather camping or remote workshops. All they need is a 12v source and some diesel fuel and you will have great heat for hours.

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