Off-Road CAD Drawings and Files

CAD File Description DXF File DWG File Updated

Beadlock Rings (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Hummer H1 Wheel Centers (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Differential Covers (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Gussets and Tabs (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Miscelaneous Adapters (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Battery Boxes (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Rockwell Pinion Brake (.dxf) (.dwg) 2/19/13
Miscelaneous Artwork (.dxf) (.dwg) 7/09/12
Exhaust Flanges (.dxf) (.dwg) 7/09/12
Tools and Jigs (.dxf) (.dwg) 5/3/12
Vertical Tube Bender (.dxf) (.dwg) 6/5/12
Raptor 3D Sculpture (.dxf) (.dwg) 6/13/12

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IMPORTANT - These CAD files are for reference purposes only and are provided without guarantee of any kind. Crawlpedia and its owners have not contributed in any way to the drawings contained in these files and are simply hosting them for you as-is, at no charge, and for reference purposes only.

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